IFS Consultation

While experiencing the Internal Family Systems model, one might find helpful to have the opportunity to work with one’s parts, through consultation.

These services are being offered online, wherever you are, so that therapists’ parts and others might find the time and space they need, not only for personal development, but also for professional growth.

If you have the intention of completing your IFS certification, this can also be an option that serves this purpose, as I am an approved IFS consultant.

If this sounds like what you might want, individually or in a small group, just let me know and we can arrange for a plan that meets your needs (onlinetherapy@emafaro.pt).


NEW IFS Group Consultation  – Coming Soon…


LAST IFS Group Consultation (10h) – For your information

This IFS Group Consultation offers 10h of group consultation alongside with IFS therapist|practitioner peers and an IFS certified therapist and approved IFS consultant for certification. The intention of this group to support those on their IFS certification journey (that may need 5h of IFS group consultation), offer a brave space for deepening individual learning and experience of the IFS perspective, allow group sharing and curiosity towards growing edges, foster connection to a collective Self presence and promote a spacious time more open to exploration of different learning strategies and needs.

It consists of five 2h online live sessions in Zoom, one per month, over a five-month period. Registration is for the full five-month period and this will be a closed group with no sessions recorded, so you are kindly invited to take a close look at the dates and times, as no refunds for missed sessions will be made.

The group will meet on Thursdays from 10am-12pm (WEST for the month of October 2022, WET from November 2022 until February 2023) on 6th October, 3rd  November, 1st December, 5th January and 2nd February  – you can check your time zone with more clarity here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Each session will consist of a 15m welcoming meditation and check-in, 95m dedicated to therapist|practitioner’s practice with learning and unblending moments as well as processing time, Q&A and/or case consultation, followed by a 10m closing circle moment. The group will take place with a minimum of three and a maximum of five IFS therapists|practitioners peers, and dedicated time will be shared equitably. There will be a predefined rotation for the dates, set before the beginning of the group, according to individual and group preferences – each day can be designated to each therapist|practitioner or in a given day time can be shared so that it is equally allocated.

The cost for this experience is of 500€, paid through PayPal or bank transfer (according to each participant’s preference). 


Kindly be in touch for further questions or details, as other groups (for IFS and IFIO) may be starting later on (onlinetherapy@emafaro.pt).