Is this the right choice?

Individuals who consider online therapy tend to appreciate the fact that is convenient and sometimes less expensive, once you can use the services in your own home or work place, without spending time in commutes, or adding costs to cover those and parking. Nonetheless, you should make sure you consider also aspects as the certification of the therapist, the security of the services provided online and the payment methods (specifically if you wish to use your insurance).

In my case, I can assure you all of the procedures on my end were accounted for, and this is why I find the need to explicit list the requirements for us to be working together:

  • You must be an adult;
  • Be fluent in English (or Portuguese);
  • Reside in the UK, Australia or other to be considered, as long as not US or Canada (to ensure compliance with legal standards – for the area of Psychology);
  • Have access to a private space, computer and stable internet connection;
  • Sign the informed consent and return it to me;
  • Be able to use bank transfers to ensure the payment of the services (no direct insurance protocol provided).

If after reading the informed consent you find any aspect that concerns you and is not clear enough, I would really appreciate your input (

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